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July 30, 2018
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what are the three types of special needs plans?
August 29, 2018

Blake Insurance Group is one of the leading Medicare supplement insurance agents in Tucson, AZ area. We offer a wide range of insurance policies to our clients depending on the benefits that they are looking for. Since there are many different coverage combinations when it comes to Medicare, it is essential that you find a reputed Medicare insurance agent like us who can help you find a plan that is perfect for your situation. Our Medicare insurance agents near me are knowledgeable with years of experience to help protect you from the high cost of medical expenses that are not covered by Medicare.

Medicare is a federal health insurance program that is offered to people who are above the age of 65. It is also provided to people who have certain disabilities or are suffering from some health conditions. Even though Medicare insurance plans cover a large part of medical expenses, there are many expenses that are not covered by the original Medicare program. Thus, to fill out those gaps, it is essential to buy Medicare supplemental insurance plan to help cover those gaps if you do not want to pay out of your pocket. We can help you save thousands of dollars by offering Medicare supplemental insurance for the remaining 20% of the expenses that Medicare does not pay for. The cost of supplemental Medicare insurance will vary anything from $200 to $414 depending on your negotiating skills.

Medicare basics

The cost of the Medicare Supplement plan depends on three major factors –

  • The first one is the plan that you select for yourself.
  • The second one is the insurance company that you pick for buying the Medicare insurance plan.
  • The third one is the period for which you are buying the Medicare supplement plan.

Most insurance companies offering Medicare supplement insurance set their own plans, and the premiums are negotiable. But they would work only with insurance agents and not with the customers directly. But, you need to keep in mind that you should not only focus on the cost, but also on the coverage of the plan to enjoy its benefits. Our Medicare supplement insurance agents help you get the best deals from these companies so that you can save money by comparing the different plans from all leading insurance companies. Our Medicare supplement insurance agents also help you get the maximum coverage so that you will not have to pay anything from your pocket if you need medical attention. We offer AARP Medicare supplement

To know if you are eligible for Medicare supplement insurance plan, you need to get in touch with our Medicare supplement insurance agents near you. They can help you determine which one of the Medicare insurance plans will be perfect for you. We will help you by obtaining customized Medicare supplement insurance quotes from leading insurance companies according to the coverage, benefits, and budget that you are looking for. We believe in clarity and transparency so that you can not only save time but also get value for your money. By working with us, you will not have to second-guess your decision and worry about missing anything important.

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