Medicare Open Enrollment 2019.

Are you ready for Medicare open enrollment in 2019? When Medicare open enrollment starts, it’s time to consider your health plans and prescription for next year. Oct. 15 - Dec. 7 For 2019 coverage, open enrollment will run from October 15, 2018, to December 7, 2018. During the annual enrollment period (AEP) you can make changes to various aspects of your coverage. You can switch from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage, or vice versa or switch from Medicare supplement to Medicare Advantage plan If you have Medicare Advantage with prescription benefits ensure that the plan will be similar next year. Because plans do change, and the period after Medicare open enrollment is when those changes will show up.

Medicare open enrolment 2019

How to Prepare For Medicare Open Enrollment

The Medicare websites provide some tips to evaluate your current Medicare health and prescription plans. They include:
Compare plans in your local area for cost, coverage, and customer service. You can do some research by contacting a local insurance agent who is a specialist on different Medicare health and prescription plans.

Gather information about your health needs. This includes your medical providers, your current prescription list and any notices you’ve received from social security, Medicare and any private health insurance companies about changes to your plan.
Decide if you would like to keep your current coverage or make a change. If you’re not entirely satisfied with your current plan or looking for *Better network of doctors *lower prices *Better Drug coverage It’s a free service to you; Let Us help you compare plans for major carriers

Medicare Open Enrollment

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Medicare supplemental insurance

There are two groups of people who are eligible to receive Medicare benefits. The first consists of Americans and permanent residents who have paid into the program for at least ten years and are over the age of 65. The second group is made up of individuals who are younger than 65 but have certain disabilities and illnesses. There has been a lot of publicity about the complexities of signing up for the program in recent years.


However, Medicare enrollment is easy and in many cases, people are signed up automatically. This is generally true for those people who are getting ready to turn 65 and who are receiving Social Security checks. The Medicare ID card will arrive in the mail approximately three months before their birthday. Benefits are automatically activated on the first day of their birth month.


For those not already receiving Social Security checks, they must contact the Social Security Administration. This is the department that handles the enrollment. To ensure benefits start on time, it should be done at least three months before the 65th birthday. Medicare enrollment for those under the age of 65 is possible if they have certain diseases or illnesses such as Lou Gehrig’s Disease or kidney failure.

If an individual suffers from Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), they are usually enrolled automatically when they begin receiving their Social Security Disability benefits. There is no waiting period needed. For those who are suffering from kidney failure, they must have the end-stage renal disease and require a transplant or dialysis. Medicare benefits can be received three months after dialysis has started.

Contact with Medicare must be made for Medicare enrollment. It is not done automatically. For other disabilities, Medicare benefits can begin two years after Social Security benefits are approved. Generally speaking, Medicare limits the ability to add or drop coverage options after specific enrollment periods.

It is best for Medicare enrollment to take place during the initial enrollment period. During this time, qualified individuals can sign up for any coverage they want. Once enrollment is complete and plan options have been made, there are specific periods throughout the year when changes can be made.

In some programs, such as Medicare Part B, Medicare part d

There are penalties for those who do not sign up during the initial enrollment period. This means that a higher monthly fee will be required if they sign up later.

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